89th Birthday Remembrance of Dr. Ruth Pfau

MALC employees at the Karachi Head Office gathered in the OPD area today morning in memorial of Dr. Ruth Pfau’s 89th Birthday (September 9,2018). Each year, all employees looked forward to this day, as they took the opportunity to make her feel special in their very own way, either by showering flowers, singing songs or presenting gifts. But today, sadness prevails as we all miss that smile, which sparkled and enlightened everyone’s lives, and not forgetting the twinkle in her eye to see above her patients present prior to the cake cutting ceremony, which delighted her the most.

Mr. Savio Martin Pereira, Director HR & Administration, in his welcome speech mentioned regarding the importance of punctuality and interfaith harmony prevailing in MALC, which was introduced by Dr. Pfau, and also appreciated by all, should be continued. “Dr. Pfau had a unique personality i.e. she was way ahead of time. Environment Sustainability has now been taken as a serious concern, whereas Dr. Pfau from the very beginning laid emphasis on protecting the environment” as mentioned by Mr. Mervyn Lobo, CEO – MALC, as he recalled an incident when she got upset watching trees being axed in the provinces. Dr. Pfau always promoted the plantation of trees; which is observed in MALCs’ green vicinities.

Her fond memories were cherished including those difficult moments which made the whole team strong. As now everyone looks back to it, it saddens them and her presence is deeply missed.

Sr. Jeannine Geuns, Founder Member MALC was also present on the occasion.