Blindness Control



Since the early 1980, primary Eye Care is carried out together with Leprosy control in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Sindh, especially Karachi. In base hospitals (MALC Karachi, Gwadar and Turbat), and annually 8 – 10 surgical camps in remote areas, free cataract extraction is offered, and +/- 3000 operations are performed per year.


Primary Eye Care services are being rendered in the most remote and underserved areas of Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP. In addition eye care services also continued in selected parts of Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas. Patients suffering with potentially blinding conditions are registered on “care cards” and followed till the delivery of optimal treatment in the assigned project areas across the boundaries of the program. Base hospitals in Karachi, Gwadar and Turbat districts in Balochistan and district Bagh in Azad Kashmir are doing surgeries of cataract. Outreach surgical camps are also held to provide the required services to the most deprived population of the country. To ensure the success and sustainability of primary care, a strong referral mechanism is placed between the primary and secondary care providers.



The services include:


- Diagnosis and treatment of Cataract.

- Diagnosis and treatment of Glaucoma, Trachoma and other eye diseases.

- Refractive Errors.

- Screening of school children for Vitamin A Deficiency.

- Awareness and Health Education to patients, families and community.