Community Development

Pakistan is a developing country with a distressing history. MALC has contributed to its progress by having organized various community development projects in the areas of education, women’s development, justice and child development.

MALC has focused on the comprehensive care of Leprosy affected people from the very beginning – from their diagnosis to their successful rehabilitation in the community. In this process community uplift projects have also taken up in areas where Leprosy was widely prevalent, Punjabi Para in Malir, Khamiso Goth and Adam Goth in Gadap Town Karachi, Bihari Colony (Hosri) Hyderabad, and Jhandi (Balochistan) are some of the most glaring examples where the community development projects have been established. The purpose is to bring the individual or community to a level equivalent to their surroundings. The existing community development program by MALC aims to empower the community to live a healthy life and support the community to seek ways and means to bring a visible improvement in their standard of living.