Free Medical Camp in Chachro – Tharparkar

Through the support of Caritas St. Pölten, Austria, MALC in collaboration with Research & Development Foundation (RDF), Pakistan, conducted a two–day free medical camp on 12th and 13th of April, 2018, in Chachro, Tharparkar – Sindh. The common conditions treated were Anemia, Respiratory Tract Infection (RTI), Gastrointestinal Infection (GTI), Malnourishment and Joint Pain. The beneficiaries appreciated the efforts of the team as there are no health facilities available in the vicinity. Tharparkar, being an arid region, water problem continues to persist. The villagers have to walk long distances to collect and store drinking water. MALC team also gave a health awareness session and visited the villagers’ premises. The details of the camp are mentioned below.

Village Name

Male Adult Female Adult Male Child Female Child Total Consultations

Gulabani Charan

43 86 63 57


Phullo Ji Dhani 35 64 53 51