MALC being a non profit, non sectarian organization is providing all services to patients and communities absolutely free of charge without hindrance of caste or creed. We have 157 centres nationwide mostly exist in very remote areas of the country. The Zakat you give to us is accounted separately and utilized strictly in accordance with Shariah for the benefit of all those who deserve.


Your last year’s Zakat has played a vital factor in freeing thousands from the binds of Leprosy, TB and Blindness. We spent your Zakat only on the treatment of Leprosy, TB and Eye patients, medicines and food expenses of admitted patients at the Hospital and Ittehad Manzil (the house for disabled leprosy patients).


This year, like always, we expect the same enthusiasm in giving a new life to the ones who need your help.



donate-your-zakat-to-malcThe Zakat you pay makes a big difference in the lives of many under privileged and deserving people. Last year, your Zakat has enabled us to carry out following services:


5,293 Leprosy patients received free treatment for Leprosy and general diseases along with comprehensive care facility to prevent deformity and aid rehabilitation.

9,470 precious lives were saved from TB and they received free treatment from MALC. 54% of them were women and children.

3,035 patients received free surgical treatment to prevent blindness. 146,883 people received free consultation and 20,645 children were treated for common eye conditions.

Deformed and homeless Leprosy patients received free day care and medical services at MALC’s Home for Disabled Patients.

16,690 Leprosy patients with ulcers received free indoor nursing care and surgical treatment in the wards.

184,231 patients suffering from skin conditions received free consultation and treatment.

17,850 Leprosy patients are still under care. You can adopt one patient with Rs. 5,000 for one year’s treatment, Rs. 10,000 for physical rehabilitation, Rs. 25,000 for surgical intervention and Rs. 30,000 for Community-based Rehabilitation of a disabled patient.



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