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Flood Relief Activities by MALC


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floods-in-pakistan-malcPakistan is among those countries which are severely affected by natural calamities like earthquake, draughts, flash floods and many other associated problems.


The intense torrential monsoon rainfall starting from mid July 2010 caused heavy flooding in Pakistan as rivers overflowed their banks and floodwater swept away houses, infrastructure, crops and livestock. The worst floods in 80 years killed over 1,800 people, left twenty million people homeless, washed away ready-crops and farm animals, and destroyed communication lines, roads and bridges, making access to remote areas even more difficult. Thousands of houses were swept away by the floodwater. Survivors were forced to flee and live on the roads, banks and other higher places under open sky without food, shelter and other basic necessities, which made those communities especially women and children more vulnerable.


MALC is at the forefront to help and support fellow countrymen in this hour of need. With financial support of foreign and local friends, MALC has responded with utmost zeal to the current challenge faced by the nation providing relief to the affected community. During relief phase, MALC had distributed food hampers to over 20,000 families alongwith tents and other relief goods. In collaboration with trusted partners like German Leprosy and TB Relief Association, Caritas St. Pölten, Caritas Austria and other foreign donors and friends, MALC is carrying out the reconstruction and rehabilitation activities in flood affected areas of Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit–Baltistan. The rehabilitation work is in full swing which includes construction of houses, distribution of seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides to the farmer families. Animals like goats, cows and donkey with cart are also being given to families who were dependant on income from cattle head but their livestock was washed away. So far 151 houses have been completed and families have been shifted in their newly constructed houses while 63 houses are in progress at various level. Beside houses, 50 families have been given cows, 64 hand-pumps have been installed and 335 farmer families have been helped with seeds and fertilizer. Deserving families are also being supported in economical rehabilitation, water supply and sanitation.



The devastating floods in Pakistan...


pakistan-flood-2010The already food insecure population where 77 million people go hungry in Pakistan while 36% of the population are afflicted by poverty. The situation in Pakistan has developed into a worse case scenario as the government has already declared it as the worst flood in the country’s history. The ravaging flood has moved towards south leaving behind approx 1,500 dead, 900 missing, and innumerable displaced and devastating damage to agriculture, houses and livestock. 250 houses in Kohistan have also been reported completely destroyed. Getting food supply is getting more and more challenging. In mountains due to broken road links, food supply is being transported on mules back and in some areas boats have come into action. Due to scarcity of potable water another emergency has developed for clean drinking water and relief efforts are also directed towards provision of water in containers.



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Earthquake Relief Efforts


malc-disaster-reliefPakistan is vulnerable to disaster risks from a range of hazards including avalanches, cyclones, storms, droughts, earthquakes, epidemics, floods, glacial lake outbursts, landslides, pest attacks, river erosion and tsunami. Human induced hazards that threaten the country include transport, industrial, nuclear and radiological accidents, oil spills, urban and forest fires, civil conflicts and internal displacements of communities due to multiple factors that have caused widespread damages and losses in the past.


MALC as a civil service organization has been working for both Natural and Manmade Catastrophes, which includes drought, floods, earthquake and refugees’ relief and rehabilitation. The major challenge of testing the nerves and experience came with the major earthquake of October 2005. We participated in the relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation of affected families. The timely intervention was only possible due to the quick response of our friends and well wishers who supported us.


MALC has now established a Cell for disaster management which consists of a well trained team capable of addressing the needs of any Disaster. The response plan is prepared based on actual need assessment. We do expect that our supporters and well wishers will continue their support to encounter the emergencies when occurred in the country to save poor and vulnerable population from hazards.



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