Mr. Mervyn Lobo- CEO MALC inaugurated Dr. Ruth Pfau Museum along with MALC team.

2017 was a sad year for MALC and whole nation as we lost the person behind Leprosy Control Program Dr. Ruth Pfau- Founding member of MALC. She devoted 57 years of her life for the cause and passed away at the age of 87. In order to preserve her fond memories MALC’s management has converted her humble abode in to a museum showcasing her belongings, awards, publications and some rare priceless pictures. This museum is also being inaugurated today and it will be associated with our Training Department and will be open for all educational institute so the generations to come would be able to know about her contribution for Pakistan. She has been a symbol of peace and love for her entire life for the downtrodden. We hope that our small gesture will promote humanitarianism.