Patients & Communities


Any health care delivery system usually comprises of three major stakeholders: the financiers, the implementers, and the beneficiaries or the patients. While the first two remain at the forefront, it’s the patients, who remain voiceless or invisible. Despite being the most important pillar of the health care structure who should be the center of attention at every moment in health care planning and delivery, they are too often left voiceless.


Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre and the Leprosy-TB & Blindness Control Programme, has always brought patients, their family members and the community to the center of all preventive and curative activities. We give them an opportunity to participate equally in all decisions pertaining to their health ranging from prevention, promotion, treatment, and rehabilitation. Similarly we have initiated all of our community development projects with community as a vocal and active partner.

So at MALC, our patients, their families and communities do have a voice, quite distinct and clear…..

Lets hear what do they say….


Mrs. Shahnaz Wazir Ali, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Social Affairs, Government of Pakistan says: “ MALC is a truly remarkable, dedicated organization that is iconic amongst the charities of Pakistan. Dr. Pfau is a living legend and her team walks in her foot steps.”


Mr. Saleem Abbas Jilani, Chairman SSGC says: “Greatly impressed by the fantastic work being done by MALC under the inspiring leadership of Dr. Pfau.”


Mr. Mohammad Tahir Sadiq, CEO, HSBC says: “Indeed a great pleasure to see the good work that is being done by all involved. HSBC has made a small contribution and we will continue to support this great organization.”


Mrs. Karen Ahmed, Director of Studies, Bay View High School says: “We are humbled and proud to work in partnership with MALC and to inaugurate the BVHS-MALC Women’s Ward today is an honour. We pledge our ongoing support to MALC.”


Ms. Fatima Bhutto says: “I leave MALC inspired by the generosity and spirit of its team. It only we could replete Dr. Pfau for all the disposed of the country.”


Ms. Annett Rose, St. Patrick’s High School says: “This is the first time, we have had an experience to visit MALC. Visiting and meeting the patients has been an eye opener. Thanks for educating us.”

Mr. Riaz Gill, St. Patrick’s High School says: “MALC is one of the best institute and hospital which serving humanity in excellent way.”


Mr. Noor-ul-Amin of SIUT School of Nursing says: “I really enjoy and got awareness about Leprosy. We appreciate the effort and services of MALC to the poor people of the country.”


Mr. Kashi Javed, a student says: “It is very good that MALC arranges awareness programmes for schools. Because through this way children can learn more and more about Leprosy.”