Sister Bernice Vargas


Sister Bernice Vargas, a Mexican Pharmacist belonged to a religious Roman Catholic Congregation named Daughters of the Heart of Mary, and with this group, she came to Pakistan on 12th March 1955 on the invitation of the Archbishop of Karachi to help in the medical, health and social problems of the refugees living in camps after partition of India & Pakistan. Soon after, she started working for Leprosy patients in a slum area near McLeod Road, known as Lepers’ Colony.

Mother Doyle


A teacher from America and a trained first Aid worker joined Sister Vargas at her dispensary to serve Leprosy patients. With her talent for organization, she had soon made the best of the wooden hut serving as treatment centre.


Dr. Ruth Katharina Martha Pfau


Dr. Ruth Katharina Martha Pfau, a Germen Doctor on her way to India arrived in Pakistan in 1960. Here she visited the McLeod Road Lepers’ Colony and on seeing the squalor and suffering of people from Leprosy, she decided to stay in Pakistan, to serve the ones un-served whom no one else would ever serve. She is the moving spirit of the Leprosy Control Programme in Pakistan and worked desperately to remove the public’s fear of Leprosy. From Leprosy to Community Development – her journey is on.


Dr. Zarina Fazlebhoy


In 1961 Dr. Zarina Fazlebhoy a Pakistani Dermatologist joined this female team of Pioneers and soon became an essential part of the Leprosy Team. Her home became the meeting place, her car the official transport and her children the ‘Little Helpers’. She spent the rest of her life together with Sr. Vargas and Dr. Ruth Pfau, treating Leprosy patients, teaching health workers and awakening the Pakistani officials and public to their responsibility towards Leprosy patients.

Sister Jeannine Geuns


In 1962, a Belgian Nurse Jeannie Geuns joined the group of pioneers at McLeod Road Lepers’ Colony. She soon joined the religions congregation Daughters of the Heart of Mary and is staying since in Karachi.