When her lips creased, everyone waited for her to speak; Husna’s story

Her smile brightens everyone’s day. Gaze into her eyes, and troubles fade away. Her name is Husna, and is currently studying at a Community School in Gadap Town run by MALC. She is 8 years old.

Her father, a laborer, whose hard-earned daily wages is insufficient to feed a family of eight, while her mother takes care of the house. Husna has three younger siblings who don’t go to school. Her two elder siblings have a speech impairment.

Such a beautiful smile has an extremely beautiful heart. The other day, we were longing to speak to her, but when her lips creased, everyone waited for her to speak. A queer silence prevailed in the classroom because Husna has a hearing and speech impairment by birth. This has not stopped her from continuing her education. She knows her alphabets well. Watch her practice her alphabets through sign language in class while the rest of the students follow the lead.

With your zakat, Husna is able to continue her education in an inclusive educational environment.

Your zakat brings hope for children like Husna.