Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID)


The Community based Inclusive development (CBID) program aims to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities (PWDs) by providing access to health, education and livelihood activities.


  1. Support through assistive devices and modifications.
  2. Physio and Occupational Therapy to PWDs.
  3. Training to PWDs and their caregivers in physical exercises.
  4. Facilitating PWDs to fulfill the requirements of disability certificate/SCNIC.
  5. Screening of School children between 5-14 years to detect PWDs.
  6. Engaging community workers/volunteers in CBR activities.
  7. Facilitating PWDs to learn technical/vocational skills while engaging them in income-generation activities.
  8. Facilitating PWDs and community to form Self Help Groups (SHG).
  9. Increase Advocacy and Community Mobilization through ACSM activities.