Leprosy is an infectious disease caused by a germ which is a type of bacteria called Micro bacteria (Mycobacterium leprae). Germs probably get into a body through the nose while breathing. They affect the skin and the peripheral nerves in the arms and legs.

With the skin they cause light colored or reddish (Hypo pigmented) patches and with some patients these patches can be raised or appear as round nodules. Due to the involvement of nerves there can be loss of feelings in some of these patches as well as in the hands and feet. For example; persons affected may not be able to feel the heat of a tea cup or the prick of a pin and as a result they burn their hands and feet without knowing. There can be weakness in the muscles of hands and the feet.

There are different types of leprosy, but not all are contagious. Persons affected with the more infectious type, if left untreated can transmit the disease to others. Currently, effective treatment is available for the disease which is provided free of cost to patients across Pakistan.

Our health centers provide free consultations and tests to confirm the diagnosis of Leprosy. Specific anti -leprosy medicines are provided free of charge to all patients. Technicians are responsible for screening of family members and tracing of patients.