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We are excited to discover the unique skills and perspectives that you can bring to MALC. We look for talented, forward-thinking and energetic individuals to join our team.  We invite you to explore our job opportunities and find out how working here can help you achieve your personal and professional goals while you help to build your future. Be a part of MALC and help us in helping others!


Position Location Experience Last date

No current vacancies – send your CVs via email to or by post to P.O. Box No. 8666.




Volunteers share not only their time, dedication, talents and treasures but also:

  •         The desire to help others
  •         A sympathetic ear and an open mind
  •         A positive outlook

Our volunteer program brings to you valuable hands-on experience. If you have the energy, the creativity and the passion to learn, you should apply for this program. We look forward to welcoming you at our Head Office in Karachi that will certainly be a rewarding experience.

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