Dr. Ruth Pfau’s 91st Birthday Remembrance

In 1960, Dr. Ruth Pfau, Founder Member – MALC, left her family, relatives and friends in Germany and came to Pakistan. She dedicated 57 years of her life to serving humanity and was recognized nationally and internationally all over the world for her works. MALC conducted a small gathering on September 9, 2020, in remembrance of her 91st Birthday, recalling her efforts for the uplift of marginalized communities and the example she left behind for generations to follow.

In her honour, all MALC employees gave a standing ovation, which was followed by a cake cutting ceremony by Sr. Jeannine Geuns, Founder Member – MALC, a colleague and good friend of Dr. Pfau, along with sisters from the Daughters of the Heart of Mary (DHM) sisters and MALC team.

Mr Nisar Malik, Media Manager – MALC emphasized on three things taught by Dr. Pfau that should be continued i.e. to make ones’ life’s objective to  serve humanity with truthfulness, to value time and to love everyone.

Mr. Mervyn Lobo, CEO – MALC in his speech mentioned that if we truly want to honour her, we should continue her footsteps and work with the same zest and zeal. Even after her demise, the team continues to work with the same enthusiasm. Reinforcing the importance of teamwork, he acknowledged the efforts of the paramedics and ward staff during the lockdown due to COVID-19, stating that if Dr. Pfau would have been alive, she would have said “we have an opportunity to serve people”, rather than focusing on the consequences; Dr. Pfau had always been at the forefront along with her team members during difficult times serving the destitute.