International Women’s Day Celebration

An equal world is an enabled world. The theme this year for International Women’s Day is #EachForEqual. MALC celebrated International Women’s Day by conducting an open discussion where female employees were given an opportunity to share their views about the day and the challenges being faced by women in the society; whether it is to obtain education or earn a livelihood, and therefore seeking measures for improvement.

The discussion was insightful, and differed from one woman to another. While recognizing the importance of men as much as women in the field, there was a difference of opinion; prevalence of gender biased roles in the society, and emphasized the importance of basic rights of accessibility to sustenance, education, and medical treatment, especially for the females in the underprivileged communities. The female staff also expressed their gratitude towards the Management for attending to their challenges and always assisting them to overcome it whether it is of being a single parent (mother) who struggles to raise her child single handedly, a family who is of the belief that only men are the breadwinners of the family or for creating a safe workplace environment where women can thrive.

The discussion concluded with reminiscing Dr. Pfau’s way of working with different cultures which led to her success. CEO Mr. Mervyn Lobo in his concluding speech encouraged the women to always maintain their confidence level and for the future to focus on improving communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Mr. Savio Pereira – Director HR & Administration MALC and Dr. Ali Murtaza, Director Training MALC, also shared their views on the occasion.