MALC CBM CBID Project – Project Launch Ceremony

On Tuesday, October 6, 2020, MALC in collaboration with Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM) Christian Blind Mission e.V. , Germany, conducted the Community Based Inclusive Development Project Launch Ceremony of ‘improved socio-economic status of Persons with Disabilities in Urban Slums of Karachi’ at MALC Head Office, Karachi. It was an honour to have representatives from CBM Pakistan: Syed Muhammed Ali Shah, Country Director, Dr Zahid Hussain Awan, Inclusive Eye Health Project Manager and Mr Fida Hussain, Finance Manager present on the occasion. The plaque was collectively unveiled by Mr Shah and Mr. Mervyn Lobo, CEO – MALC.

Sharing his thoughts on the occasion, Mr. Shah expressed his contentment that the project is addressing persons with disabilities (PWDs) and it is the duty of each one of us to ensure that PWDs are mainstreamed into the systems we already have in place. Mr Lobo in his speech seconding Mr Shah’s statement, mentioned that we should also consider it more of a moral obligation as PWDs really need our support. He also highlighted the longstanding partnership of CBM and MALC, which is over 30 years. Dr. Ali Murtaza, Director Training delivered the Vote of Thanks. The CBM team also visited Dr Ruth Pfau Museum and the wards.