Matchbox Competition (2019-2020) – St. Patrick’s Girls High School

The Matchbox Competition, which was introduced by Dr. Zarina Fazelbhoy (one of the pioneers of MALC) and Ms. Safia Khatoon (a renowned educationist), is a fund-raising activity where students play for a cause; a cause of serving humanity. A total of 11 schools participated in the competition 2019 – 2020, namely St. Michael’s Convent School, St. Paul’s English High School, Karachi Public School, All Saints School, St. Lawrence’s Boys High School, Karachi Grammar School, St. Patrick’s High School, St. Joseph’s Convent School, Karachi High School, The Mama Parsi Girls Secondary School and St. Patrick’s Girls High School. 

Students who collect the highest from the class and section are titled Star Captain, a student who collects the highest from the school is titled Star Commander, whereas a student who collects the highest from all schools is titled King/ Queen. The winner of the competition was Mr. Isa Hayat Khan from Karachi Grammar School and was awarded the King title.

From St. Patrick’s Girls High School, Ms. Romaisa Fawwad and  Ms. Musfirah were awarded the Star Commander title, while Ms. Fiona Pearl, Ms. Raina, Ms. Shirley Isabelle, Ms. Neha Naveed, Ms. Manayta, Ms. Mahima Ashok Lohano, Ms. Hashmita, Ms. Mahnoor Fatimah, Ms. Labika Shahid, Ms. Hania Adil, Ms. Nabiha Fatimah and Ms. Gazelle Adaya Sunil were awarded the Star Captain title.