Alas, it hurts when you cannot get everything best for your loved ones in need – Khatija Khatoon’s story

Her feeble shoulders and wrinkling skin had seen thousands of color changing seasons and people. She raised her children with a mere belief in Almighty ALLAH. He opens the door when one is closed.

Khatija Khatoon is a lady of power. Never had she rested or took a day off, working hard to make both ends meet when her husband died. Raising two sons and a daughter, she lives a quiet life doing household chores and playing with her grandkids. It was one day when her son noticed that his robust mother had difficulty in finding a spoon that was inches away from her hand. Remembering the days when his mother used to stay by his side in fever and flu, the son took no time in getting his mother to the best hospital. Alas, it hurts when you cannot get everything best for your loved ones in need; her son could not afford the high surgical cost.

The Cataract had increased to a level of blindness in Khatija bibi’s eye. The son was depressed but the mother was smiling; her faith was strong. One fine day, a lady in the neighbourhood, who had recently got her Cataract surgery done, told them about MALC conducting free Cataract surgeries. MALC came to the rescue and cured Khatija bibi. MALC salutes all mothers around the world. It has saved these pure and strong hearts with your help.  A donation for the right cause can strengthen the feeble shoulders again.

– Reported by: Rabia Riaz, Assistant Manager – RMD