From birth, her vision was clouded: Asima’s story

When the news spread of a free eye surgical camp being conducted in the same District where I (Noor Muhammad) spent my entire life working tirelessly day and night, I was delighted. I finally felt that there was some hope for my little daughter Asima, aged seven, who by birth couldn’t see from her right eye. As the day neared, my aspirations became higher. I used to tell my co-workers that finally, my daughter will be able to see again. At the camp, my little angel was diagnosed with Cataract but being a minor, I was advised to take her to Quetta for the surgery. The journey to the camp was rough and on getting to know this, I started losing hope, as I had never been to Quetta nor had the financial resources to travel because of a mere job as a laborer. I pleaded the team to operate my daughter and couldn’t hold back my tears.

As they truly say, Almighty God answers your prayers in the most unexpected ways, to my amazement the team agreed to operate my daughter’s eye seeing her determination and were extra careful during the surgical procedures. When the bandage was removed, she slowly opened her eye, that’s when her subtle smile broadened as I was standing in front of her. I embraced her immediately and we both were overwhelmed with joy.


Reported by: Siddique Jaffer, MALC Quetta