Life with Polio – Sohail Sardar’s story

Sohail Sardar, a 50 year old man, is giving his services since the last 17 years in an Inclusive environment at MALC. He resides in Baldia, Town Karachi. At a very young age, he got affected by a very crippling and potentially deadly infectious disease – Polio. Polio could only paralyze him physically but not his courage and self-confidence. 


 MALC identified and worked on his capabilities by ignoring his disabilities and provided him a platform to perform. He did a diploma course from Handicap International.Working as a Prosthetic Shoemaker at MALC, he is skilled in making prosthetic shoes for people affected by Leprosy. In this way, Sohail is not only supporting his family but is living his life fully with prestige. 

“I’m so proud of myself that being a disabled person I’m able to help other people with disabilities. I love my work and try my best to cater to their needs efficiently.” Sohail said. 


Hence, by initiating this combination of social and medical services, MALC is not only catering to the medical needs, but putting every effort in reducing poverty and improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. 


Reported by Rabia Riaz, Assistant Manager RMD