Misdiagnosed Leprosy for TB: Azhar’s story

When Azar Khan got boils in his legs, it used to burst and become wounds. He used to not feel anything as he had lost sensation in his feet. His father, worried about him, took him to a hospital where he was misdiagnosed for TB and his treatment was immediately started. His naive father, made sure that Azhar completed his TB treatment as he wanted him to be cured without realizing it was doing him no good. During that time, he got cancer and passed away. After his demise, there was no one to look after Azhar and his condition deteriorated.

His mother used to remain busy taking care of the house and his two sisters, while his brother worked hard in the vegetable market as a labourer on daily wages to support the family along with his uncle. Azhar was left on his own and used to roam the streets to while away his time. He had lost all hope and never felt like doing anything. One fine day, he was spotted by MALC team in Afghan Camp near a pile of garbage, and was brought to MALC Hospital Saddar, Karachi, where he was diagnosed and treated for Leprosy. As described by Azhar, “Previously my bones would protrude from my wounds but now it has stopped”. After completing his Leprosy treatment, Azhar also had many complications for which he was treated through networking and was also affected with TB. Currently he is being treated for his kidneys.

– Sharon Braganza, Assistant Manager – IPD