The doctor would not check me, just look at my face and prescribe medicines: Muhammad Inam’s story

Muhammad Inam, is currently 52 years old, and spent 8 years of his life running behind different doctors in renowned hospitals for his treatment during which he ended up spending huge amounts on consultation fees and medicines. He even tried homeopathic treatment for 3 months but there was no difference. To meet his treatment expenses, he had no other option than to sell his three auto-rickshaws (a three-wheeler carrying passengers).

Whichever doctors he visited, they would look at him from a distance and prescribe medicines. “I wanted them to check me, listen to what I was going through, but they would only look at my face (my deformed nose), prescribe a lot of medicines in a hurry and call in the next patient. The medicines were a lot that I didn’t feel like eating anything. I was disheartened as all the doctors were treating me the same way. I then started throwing the medicines in the dust bin. The doctors would not want to examine the wide blisters all over my body.

The blisters were bursting and becoming deep wounds; I would be embarrassed when passers-by would inform me that I’m bleeding as they would go unnoticed by me. By then my neck had become stiff and my hands clawed.” said Inam. During those years, Inam had a job as a driver in a company, and later worked privately but because of his condition he was asked to leave. “I was depressed, that whichever hospital/ clinic someone would tell me about, I would go there and wait for hours for my turn. I strongly believe that one should keep trying and not lose hope; everyone is not the same in this world. It was the paramedical staff of the last hospital, who not only refunded my fees, but brought me on a bike to MALC. ” said Inam with a smile on his face. In the picture, Inam shows how his ulcers have healed from the time he started his treatment at MALC a year back.

Reported by: Sharon Braganza – Assistant Manager IPD