Volunteers’ Day

MALC Health Education Department organized Volunteers’ Day on Friday, February 1, 2019, to appreciate volunteers for their outstanding support to MALC. Mr. Savio Martin Pereira, Director HR & Administration, in his speech mentioned that Leprosy is not eradicated and due to its long incubation period, the ailment will continue to persist for decades to come. Nursing students as volunteers play an integral role in spreading awareness about the ailment and referring suspect cases to MALC for free of charge diagnosis and treatment. People should not forget Leprosy.

Reminiscing a time, when a foreign lady gave thousands of employees of the Leprosy Control Program and patients a place to stay, Mr. Mervyn Francis Lobo, CEO – MALC along with Dr. Ruth Pfau (late) was surprised to see her living in a Home for the Aged when they visited her. This depicts the simplicity of MALC’s volunteers. There are two types of volunteers, one who works behind the scenes by raising funds for MALC and the other who works in the field; who works without pay, without any self-interest but only for the good of humanity. Dr. Pfau always used to say that Leprosy was controlled by a group of very ordinary people but the work was extraordinary. Mr. Mervyn Francis Lobo, CEO – MALC also expressed his sincere appreciation to all local and international volunteers.

From a child going to school to a University Professor, each and every individual plays a vital role in raising awareness about Leprosy. Their voluntary support will always be needed and cherished. At the same time, people affected by Leprosy also need our love and support; they should not be kept away; concluded by Dr. Ali Murtaza, Director Training – MALC. Together we can end discrimination, stigma & prejudice.